Surveys – Concrete deterioration

Surveys – Concrete deterioration

A thorough survey of concrete may be required when there are signs of concrete deterioration.

In such circumstances, it is recommended to have a thorough survey of concrete performed as soon as possible by a duly qualified specialist engineer who will investigate and provide an opinion on the following issues:

  • Identification of the causes of concrete deterioration
  • Assessment of the structural capacity
  • Technical opinion with respect to repair and reuse of damaged concrete structures: parkings, façades, etc.
  • Concrete sampling and testing
  • Assessment of the potential of corrosion (corrosion of reinforcements)
  • Assessment of cracking (instrumentation)
  • Thorough analysis of the characteristics of concrete

Immediate and precise action reduces maintenance costs, increases the useful life of the structure and guarantees the safety of the building and its users.

We also monitor and control the quality of concrete repair work.

We developed a partnership with concrete testing laboratories and architectural firms that are invited to join our team of experts as required, in order to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients for the following services:

  • Preparation of structural renovation and/or repair plans and specifications
  • Preparation of architectural plans and specifications