Monitoring of work on the building envelope (walls and roofs)

Monitoring of the work involves supervising complete renovation or specific repair work on the building envelope components (walls and roofs) in order to ensure work is carried out in accordance with the architect’s plans and specifications or detailed scope of work, as well as all manufacturer’s specifications and other official and recognized data sheets, in order the roof or wall system meets with the performance criteria upon which it was designed.

To that end, a technician-supervisor is assigned to the project and continuously (or partially as required) monitors material installation.  He will make sure work is adequately performed.

In case of dispute on the jobsite, the technician-supervisor immediately notifies the architect, its representative or the owner in order corrective action is taken at once.  A report on the progress and quality of work is issued on a daily basis.  A final report with photos is issued at the end of the work.

At the beginning of a project, we conduct a comprehensive review of the architect’s plans and specifications and data sheets.  We provide comments and may recommend alternatives solutions or equivalents.

Our staff has an average of ten years experience in monitoring work.