Architectural plans and specifications and technical advice (structure)

Architectural plans

Further to a survey or given the condition of a building, it is important that required or recommended repair or complete renovation work be carried out within a structured framework and according to a technical document detailing work to be performed.

It is very important for the client to ensure work is performed according to the highest standards.  Preparation of a technical document is essential to the tendering process.  It allows a tenderer to submit its bid based on clear and detailed technical documents; above all, it enables the client to compare bidding contractors on an equal basis and to get a fair price.

Professional and technical support to the client continues throughout the tendering process and may extend beyond (see Monitoring of work on the building envelope – walls and roofs).

We can prepare such documents internally or in conjunction with specialized architects or engineers we partner with.  Preparation of tender documents involves:

  • Preliminary study of premises, including evaluation of existing condition and  gathering of information on jobsite
  • Preparation of the scope of work by our firm or of plans and specifications by one of our partner architects
  • Implementation of all drawings and specifications (plans, cuts and details) both in hard-copy and PDF format
  • Preparation of tender documents including price schedules
  • Jobsite visit with invited tenderers
  • Issuance of addenda as required
  • Receipt of tenders by the client
  • Tender analysis by the client or by our firm
  • Project follow-up and issuance of change orders as required
  • Approval of payment requests for work
  • At the end of a project, a complete set of shop drawings, data sheets, warranties and other documents is provided to the client

Technical advice (structure)

Survey of the structure of a building may be required when cracks are discovered in foundations or when indications suggest collapse of part of a structural component, such as a balcony or other. It may also be bulging or unusual cracks in the masonry. A survey by a duly qualified structural engineer must then be performed as soon as possible in order to maintain safe premises.

We have developed a partnership with structural engineers firms which, as required, are invited to join our team of experts for complete or partial building surveys.

The structural engineer partner will:

  • Deliver preliminary technical or safety advice
  • Design technical drawings for corrective work
  • Recommend a broader survey (calculations, exploratory cuts, etc.)
  • Prepare a budgetary estimate of the work
  • Issue a detailed report including photos, annotated plans with relevant remarks and sketches to facilitate comprehension and interpretation